WORKSHOPS Professionnal Training

Bertrand PONCET, has devoted himself for several years now to the study and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Relaxation methods and Massage techniques, whilst perfecting his expertise in a dozen countries worldwide. He invites you to share this unique experience by joining his outstanding training course.

The "Worldwide Tour of Massages" is a truly thorough training program of massage methods performed throughout the world, what's more you will be experimenting simple yet fundamental breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques that favor getting back in touch with one's inner self.

You will be trained in the most recent and most traditional techniques:

  1st module : the Do In
  2nd module : the Body in movement

  3rd module : the Chair massage
  4th module : the Californian massage
  5th module : the Thaï Foot massage
  6th module : the Chinese Traditional massage (initiation)

This training course proposes an innovative approach, allowing both the integration of a variety of different massage techniques, and a growing awareness of what it is that you are going to give via the massage itself. It is only through practice that we can understand the art of touching, and know how to adjust to specific massage requirements by picking the appropriate technique.

Our aim is that you become self-sufficient, and we will reach it by directly conveying to you the core of a know-how, a unique technique, structured yet flexible, allowing nervous tension dispersal and boosting vital energy.

Furthermore, since we can only basically give nothing but what we are, we shall take time in developing our own corporal sensitivity, learning anew how to breathe so as to channel our own energy, and increasing our insights so as to bring human and energetic qualities to a massage.

These workshops are designed for any person who assists or heals others by the means of physical contact, or anyone driven by the need to discover and/or deepen awareness of her/himself.

The Californian Massage was created in the seventies in Esalen, in the San Francisco neighbourhood, by a group process contained within the rising flow of new therapies in the United States. The goal was to bring into being a global massage (Gestalt Sensitive Massage) aimed at resetting a person in her/his own bodily structure so as to become aware of her/his deeper being.

The Californian Massage is remarkably relaxing and soothing, using a more superficial and enveloping contact, just as professional since it respects both the meridians as well as reflex areas. By the use of slow and broad movements, the sequencing of skimming, kneading and stretching actions that connect together all parts of the body, mind tension gives way to a letting go, Relaxation then reaches its full meaning.

The Chair Massage is a cutting-edge concept coming all the way from California. This innovative approach of Massage and Energetic Relaxation was developed during the eighties.

Using a bio-technological seat specially designed for Minute Massage, Relaxation becomes available to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. The Chair Massage, by its approach, its convenience and ease, its instant effects, its time-span and low cost, meets the expectations of a vast number of people for whom it often represents a straightforward door to other forms of massage.

The Chair Massage course of action focuses on those areas of the body which are particularly tense: scalp, neck, shoulders and shoulder-blades, the entire back area, arms and hands. Various techniques are used according to the area treated and the expected result. From Shiatsu to Swedish through Thai with its stretching methods, you receive a truly personalized Finger-Pressure healing.

Traditional Chinese is a preventive rather than restorative massage. It is fully integrated within Chinese Medicine. It allows for prevention of the most common feverish diseases (colds, head-aches, chest congestions) and treatment of persistent nervous disorders, or other ailments often having psychological roots (back pains, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness) which are very wide-spread in the West.

In the discipline of Finger Pressure we apply the same spots as those used by Acupuncture. Of course the needle here is replaced by the finger tips and the hand, but the goal remains the same: allowing energy to flow freely anew.

The basic principle of Chinese Massage is first of all to loosen up the spine and joints, then the muscles whilst operating simultaneously on a deeper level by means of pressure and stimulation of acupunctural meridians and spots. This is a very thorough and energizing work both on the physical and energetic bodies.

Thai Plantar Reflexology is the bequest of a constant transfer of knowledge for the past three thousand years. The Traditional Thai Foot Massage is a remarkable blend of a whole host of diverse and long-established techniques that are customarily used in South-East Asian countries.

This is a manual therapy employed for preventing and curing some of the most common fever-related diseases. This ancestral method, three thousand years old, lies at the very heart of Thai people's way of life and health-care. Both an established ritual and an Art of Life, it is practiced in Temples as in medical centers, yet it is also part of common family habits.
"Many are those who think about living a long life,
few are those who consider living well"