The Chair Massage : Origins

The chair massage is an avant-garde concept from California. It is in the `80s that this new energetic and relaxing approach was developed. Until now, traditional massages were done either on a table or directly on the ground.

Today, thanks to this ergonomic chair specially conceived for "minute massage", it is a door opened for relaxation for all, anytime, anywhere. The third millenary will therefore be relaxing and energetic or it won't be.!

With its practical, convivial, time-efficient, and cost savings approach, the chair massage with its immediate effects responds to a large audience and is often used for the opening towards other forms of massage.

The actions of the chair massage concentrates on the body parts which are particularly tense such as : scalp, back of the neck, trapezium, shoulders, upper and lower back, arms and hands.

Different techniques are used according to the region that is being treated and the desired effect. From Shiatsu to Swedish through the Thaï massage and its stretching, the chair massage is a real personalised digital-pressure treatment conceived for you.