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Massages at home (06 - 83 -Monaco)

Benefits and Advice

Offer yourself a personalised traditional massage

Leave to a foreign country to relax and receive a traditional massage ... can this only be a DREAM ?

Save on a plane ticket and simply make an appointment.. In your own home !

It's time for recess ...finally, a real way to relax. It is now time to offer yourself "a moment of relaxation in this stressful world yourself" and liberate yourself from all those tensions thanks to a unique concept : a personalised traditional massage

The originality of this concept resides in the quality and diversity of traditional massages proposed at home, on a boat or even at work! ...

Personalised traditional massage is present 7 days a week on appointment.

All you need to do is to choose from an array of authentic massages :

    The Traditional Chair massage

    The Traditional Thai massage

    The Traditional Thai Foot massage

    The Traditional Chinese massage

    The Californian massage