A Chinese Legend

Once upon a time a young women who lacked love and recognition decided to consult an old Chinese herbalist.

She asked him to prepare her a poisonous potion, capable of killing her mother in law which had been bitterly unfair towards her. The wise herbalist gave her a potion similar to tea. He recommended to administer it on her mother in law and to practice the Traditional Thai Massage on her for a period of three months. According to the old herbalist, if she followed precisely his advice the poison would be more effective and the death would appear even more to have been attributed to a natural cause

The young women followed his instructions very closely. But after two and a half months of this treatment, she started to feel remorseful and regretted her intentions. She no longer wanted her mother in laws death so much she had learnt to know and understand her better through the massage sessions. In the same way, her mother in law started to show her affection and love.

The young women left in a hurry to see the old and wise herbalist begging him to give her and antidote against the poisonous potion. This one then revealed to her that the poison was in fact only tea mixed with a touch of flower water.