Self Massage

Digitopuncture (Dao Ying) belongs to the family of natural medications such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Dietetic… It is complementary of allopthique western medecin, used in the ante or post-operative period.

Self-massage has always been considered the first step to treatment. Regarded as an instinctive act, reflex, physiological and natural of self-relief, it also represents a privileged time of meditation for self-knowledge, the search for peace and conscience of our body and our spirit.

Taking the time to look after oneself is an internal act of love, an absolute prerequisite for anyone wishing to look after others.

Auto massage acts on the skin and conjunctive fabric, on anterio-venous circulation, lymphatic circulation, the internal organs, the endocrine glands, the muscular system, the cerebro-spinal nervous system and the vegetative nervous system.


Thanks to its simplicity, its harmlessness and its effectiveness, digitopuncture has been used in China over centuries. The principle is to exert a pressure of the figures on points of acupuncture having therapeutic functions in order to relieve, improve, and even cure most of today’s affections. Scientifically proven, these techniques exert a real influence on the prevention of the diseases and the improvement of health.

Held a long time secret, these methods of safeguarding health & well being are now well established and practised in public. During this primarily practical weekend, we will discover together these simple and effective movements of Self-massage, in order to own these techniques and apply them daily to maintain your health.

Therefore, we will practice Self-massages aiming to relieve back problems, headaches, heavy legs, stress…and improve blood circulation, digestion, sleep, concentration and breathing…

An entire weekend dedicated to yourself, to take the time to take your health and your well being within your hands.