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From Monaco to Saint-Tropez 7 days a week

Benefits and Advice

Offer yourself a personalised traditional massage

Leave to a foreign country to relax and receive a traditional massage ... can this only be a DREAM ?

Save on a plane ticket and simply make an appointment.. In your own home !

It's time for recess ...finally, a real way to relax. It is now time to offer yourself "a moment of relaxation in this stressful world yourself" and liberate yourself from all those tensions thanks to a unique concept : a personalised traditional massage

The originality of this concept resides in the quality and diversity of traditional massages proposed at home, on a boat or even at work ! ...

Personalised traditional massage is present 7 days a week on appointment.

All you need to do is to choose from an array of authentic massages :

     • The Traditional Chair massage

     • The Traditional Thai massage

     • The Traditional Thai Foot massage

     • The Traditional Chinese massage

     • The Californian massage

  • Our packages are specially designed to improve your well-being :


    Sign up for 10 massages, get the 11th for free.

    When issued with this Passport, you obtain 11 massages for the price of 10 and you get special priority anytime. Take-off at your own rhythm and speed, listening to your body and its words, its needs or wants. All it takes is a phone-call and you're ready to set off!
    This formula, by avoiding excess nuisance, makes it easier to stay tuned with one's-self.


    Sign up for 4 massages, get 50% off the price of one session

    This formula's extra is that you can feel free to appreciate all four of the Energetic Relaxation Massages which are presented here, then choose your favorite, and this will instantly knock 50% off its price! To be used wisely a.s.a.p!
    Perfectly safe, this is truly a guided trip of South-East Asia and its most legendary Traditional Massages.


    Sponsor 5 persons and get 1 whole session for free.

    If you recommend the Massage At Home to 5 of your acquaintances, or offer it as a gift to 5 of your friends, we will grant you the massage of your choice!

    By doing so you'll propose a simple and natural remedy for stress which may affect your friends, relatives or work-partners, feeling the satisfaction of offering a highly beneficial massage whilst sharing a more than 3 000 year-old knowledge.

    The Satnam Guarantee, on each massage (get your money back if not satisfied) ensures a perfect peace of mind for your energetic approach. Our deepest wish is to build a fully clear and genuine relationship.