My friend Karine has had the pleasure to experience LE SOIN and appreciated the passion you put into your work.
As I listened to her telling me about her session, I said to myself that each person lives the same experience very differently depending on their sensitivity, their willingness to confide, their past ...
I must admit, when I left the massage session, I was euphoric. Why? Simply because you possessed something magical; capable of listening, dim away insecurities, inspire a desire to live, as if you accepted and assumed this role without any difficulties.
Honestly, I believe that your sessions should be reimbursed by social security because they bring both physical and moral well-being. Of course the effect diminishes with time, but it is encouraging to know that people like you do exist ...
That's what I wanted to tell you, I don't see why we shouldn't focus on positive reinforcement instead of being critical.
   Patricia from Cannes

     I always heard of massages without ever deciding on getting one for myself. Years went by, stress intensified and I never took the time for a massage! I would always put it back for tomorrow ...
And one day, a friend of mine offered me LE SOIN, an original gift which I will never forget! It is at that point that I realised that I would not have given me that pleasure otherwise.
Since then, I don't miss out on an opportunity to offer the same gift to people I love and care about.
   Brigitte from Antibes

    To try it is to adopt it! In order to really understand what relaxation can offer you, everyone should experience it through a Relaxation Passport. What you do is unique and is similar to nothing that I've known. Thank you for everything you have given me!
   Jason from Monte-Carlo

    Dear Bertrand, these moments of massage are for me a timeless interval that regenerate my spirit and body.
The liberty that ensues from it makes me feel like I'm reborn in a new world every time.
   Bernard from Valbonne