The Benefits of Massage

Massage Therapy is an art that has been practiced everywhere on earth since biblical times. Its relaxing, stimulating and therapeutic benefits were already known since ancient times, notably in India, China and Egypt where massage was an essential bath complement.

In the West, massage was largely practiced by the Greeks and Romans and passed on by bonesetters before being officially taught. It is now time to recognize the real value and effect of touch, which without a doubt makes it the primary sense used for communication and well-being.

The benefits of massage/relaxation therapy are becoming more recognized and appreciated. As for Traditional Thai and Chinese Massages, they are extremely valued since they possess therapeutic virtues for relaxation. The advantages of energetic relaxation massages are that they work both the muscles and the body's subtle energy system. In order to experience the benefits of massage to its maximum, one should integrate it in his/her hygienic life habits as a preventative method.

Among all sensory organs, the skin is the most elaborate at birth. Like any other senses, if the sense of touch is not stimulated enough, its sensitivity is significantly reduced. The more we are touched, the more we want to touch and the more we sense tactile perceptions. Touch is a vital necessity, as is to eat, breath, drink or sleep. If regularly practiced, massage develops body consciousness. and that of the spirit. By incorporating massage in your life, you will rediscover the sense of touch and its pleasures., it is the ultimate way to take control of your health, optimize your well-being and recover your inner smile.


Specific Benefits of Massage